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baby, dog, and Dog  아가, 떠돌이 개 그리고 개 - 2  

single-channel video, 2021

Exhibition Version:  21’37’’ | Online Version:  9'38"

Director: Shinhoo Yhi

Editor: Exhibition Version by Shinhoo Yhi, Online Version by Yi-ho Yan

Producer: Seunghyun Kim

Sound: Young Jae Yoo

Performer: Gyuri Seo, Eunjoung Im, Seongrok Kim, Chae Eun Kim

Camera: Soyoung Bae, Dongkyun Vak, Sojin Kwak, Taewoo Kwon

Hosted by: Burnmhome

Extraordinary Support: Sung Won Baek, Hyangmee Shong, Jaehyun Cho

<baby, dog, and Dog> is a series of work staged in the middle of a high-rise building and a park where the performers play the role of a baby, porter, stray dog, administrator, and a cameraman. The baby and the stray dog fight the purpose of a socialized human being; They do not walk with two legs nor interact with others, but on contrary, they are only visible when they exist within the community. In the frame of a society, the performance accelerates the confrontation between the social towards the wild, educated norms towards intuition and passivity towards desire.


© Shinhoo Yhi. All rights reserved.

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