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Lullaby for the Homeless  홈리스 재워주기

12'16", single-channel video, 2020

lfth_still 4.jpg

Director, Editor: Shinhoo Yhi

Performer: Chenyuan Liang, Daniel Hopp, Mariam Bergloff, River Cao, Yana Jiao

Camera: Qingshan Han, Shinhoo Yhi

Original Sound Track: "Mind Sight And Heart" by Yoo Young Jae

Special thank you: Roddy Cañas 


This performance of stacking and covering was led by frequently witnessing inappropriate public posture in mass media; lying under cardboard in a city has been entitled as the unfortunate and the anonymous, yet it is still widely shared without sanctuary.


© Shinhoo Yhi. All rights reserved.

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